Hearts and Minds: Aiming to make a positive impact  
    Hearts and Minds LIC starts trading on ASX after strong support  
    Welcome to Shareholders  
    Charitable LIC reaches offer target early  
    New charity investment vehicle has fund-raising LIC-ed  
    Your Money interview with Director, Gary Weiss  

please view from the 15 minute mark to see Director, Gary Weiss talk with Peter Switzer

    ABC Business interview with Chairman, Chris Cuffe  
    Stock picker feeling the pressure of the single shot selection  
    Media release: Win-Win for investors and charities  
    Chris Cuffe: investing with hearts & minds  
    Meet the Manager: Phil King, Regal Funds Management  


In this episode Ticky Fullerton speaks with the founder of Paradice Investment Management David Paradice to discuss Sohn Hearts & Minds. Fullerton also weighs up the benefits of negative gearing with Nicki Hutley from Deloitte Access Economics.

    Rich Listers back stockpicking stars in $500m Hearts & Minds float  
    HM1 Investor video  

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