Beneficiary Profile: MS Research Australia

MS Research Australia is the largest non-government funder of research into multiple sclerosis (MS). They have invested over $44.3 million into funding and facilitating research into MS via major collaborative research platforms and investigator-led research projects, supporting the 26,500+ Australians living with MS. This has led to impactful research breakthroughs, advancing MS clinical practice here in Australia. 

Their funded research has produced 26 new research methods, 7 new blood tests and 2 new assessment tools for use in the clinic, along with 5 new laboratory models of MS and 5 new ways to track the disease. Additionally, 7 data registries, 18 biological sample banks and 5 patents have arisen from their supported research.

MS Research Australia’s funding is significantly leveraged by their research recipients for maximum impact. For every $1 granted to Project researchers, they have been able to source on average, an additional $5 of funding to further their research. For the researcher recipients of their seed funding Incubator grants, this leverage averages a huge 27 times.

Untied financial support such as that received from Hearts and Minds, allows MS Research Australia to also develop unique research projects that encourage matched funding. Their 3-year Paired Fellowships Project supported by the Macquarie Group Foundation is an example of this, enabling a senior research fellow and a clinician to work together to fast-track research breakthroughs and improve outcomes for people living with MS. In addition to significant findings made to date, the researchers have also sourced over $13 million in additional funding for their research, as a direct result of this Paired Fellowship Project.

MS Research Australia’s goal is to Stop and Reverse MS within the next 10 years. MS Research Australia thanks the Heart and Minds Community for their invaluable and generous support to assist in this ambitious but hopeful mission.