Charlie Munger and stock picks at the Sohn Conference

The Annual Sohn Australia Conference was held on Friday 3 December 2021, bringing together prominent Australian and international fund managers. In addition to the star of the show, Charlie Munger, each manager chose their highest conviction stock in a 10-minute pitch.

It is presented by the Hearts & Minds Group which includes the $1 billion charitable Listed Investment Company, Hearts and Minds Investments (ASX:HM1) and has donated over $30 million to Australian medical research.

Most of the fund managers are not well-known in Australia and as many of the stocks are listed overseas, they may not appeal directly to local investors. Rather than trying to pick a winner among the wide selection, when every stock sounds like an excellent company pitched by true believers, the easiest way to gain exposure is by investing in all of them via HM1. Of course, this gives diluted exposure to any one great idea but it also diversifies risk.


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