Five global trends point to buys and sells for 2022

Many of our holdings are not well known in the Australian market, and we also own familiar global brands not likely to be held by most Australian investors. While the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) ranks in the Top 20 of major global exchanges with a market capitalisation around US$2 trillion, it is dwarfed by the leaders, such as the New York Stock Exchange at about US$27 trillion and NASDAQ at US$24 trillion. Australia represents less than 2% of listed global company opportunities.

Consequently, there are many industries and themes not available to investors who focus only on the ASX, such as in the leading global tech, health and consumer brands. Even where a similar business exists in Australia, the global company is often operating on a significantly higher scale in many more markets.

This article focuses on five opportunities, three buys and two sells based on expected market developments for 2022 building on themes now opening.

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