Livewire: 8 of the best stocks to buy in a sell-off

They say there is nothing more expensive than something free, and the same could be said of the stimulus that we have enjoyed over the months and years living through the pandemic. 

While markets around the world have skyrocketed from the lows of the COVID crash, so too has global debt - now at a staggering US$296 trillion according to The Institute of International Finance (or 353% of GDP), US$36 trillion higher than levels seen prior to the pandemic.

And with US banks already expecting the Federal Reserve to announce four interest rate hikes in a bid to stymie inflation in 2022, investors would be wise to brace for increased volatility over the months ahead. 

So as part of our Outlook Series, we spoke to nine of Sydney's best fund managers for the stocks they would buy in the case of market weakness. These include some of Australia's highest-quality tech legends, as well as a handful of global stalwarts currently trading too high. 

Watch the interviews below:


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