Ray Dalio's 6 crucial themes for the next few years

When macro maestro Ray Dalio speaks, investors notice. Especially when the world can't seem to decide what sort of year it's having and has absolutely no idea about what the next few years hold.

But the next few years were very much on the Bridgewater founder and Co-CIO's mind when he sat down recently for a rare interview on Squawk Box with CNBC's Andrew Sorkin at the SALT Global Thought Leadership forum in New York.

In the twenty-minute interview Dalio unloaded on a range of topical subjects of great interest to investors everywhere, including:

  • The consequences of a new attitude to debt monetisation (ie governments borrowing money to finance spending) 
  • Whether technology innovation can drag us from inflation to deflation
  • Why cash is still trash
  • How Crypto can be worthless but still be a canny diversification play
  • How to play the internal political conflict in the US
  • What the rise of China means for investors 


Read the key takeways on each of the topics above in this Livewire article here.