Regal monthly numbers out as LIT heats up


It's a timely month for Regal Funds Management's to knock it out of the park.

Investors in its Regal Australian Small Companies Fund were on Thursday that the fund was up 11.37 per cent in April, compared to a 4.1 per cent jump in the index, to be up 37.49 per cent for the calendar year (index: 17.2 per cent).

The manager said Zip Co and Megaport were among the biggest positive contributors, while a key detractor was its short positions in the retail sector, according to the monthly update.

Phil King says the local sharemarket is in the midst of a structural change. Photo: Sasha Woolley

Phil King says the local sharemarket is in the midst of a structural change. 

The numbers come as Regal rattles the tin for its first listed investment vehicle, Regal Investment Fund (RF1).

It's understood Regal's team has pitched to potential investors in New Zealand and Perth, is in Melbourne this week and is back to Sydney next week.

Regal is seeking to raise up to $500 million for the listed investment trust. 

Regal was founded in March 2004 by brothers Phil and Andrew King. Phil King has built a reputation as one of Australia's shrewdest fund managers.

Regal plans to deploy the funds into four existing investment strategies. Half the funds raised will be allocated to Regal's Tasman Market Neutral strategy, which aims to have an equal exposure between investing in, or taking short positions, against stocks. The remainder will be deployed equally in the emerging companies strategy, the small companies strategy, a global stock-picking strategy and in the long-short strategy, which tends to have a greater weighting to long bets than the Tasman approach.


To learn more about the offer please visit Regal Funds Management's website.


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