Scaling Up: A podcast that inspires entrepreneurs

"Scaling Up" is a new podcast series hosted by TDM Growth Partners, one of our Core Fund Managers. Scaling up tells the stories of great growth companies, as experienced by their founders and CEOs. With the aim of inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. This podcast series gives incredible insight into what it takes to scale a business from very small to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. 

Host, Ed Cowan explains the reason for starting the podcast:

Scaling a business is hard. Very few succeed to even navigate their way through startup land, and many that do hit a wall at some stage. Some companies though, find a way to continue to grow year on year, and in doing so become incredibly successful and durable businesses

I set out on a mission with this podcast to discover what the secret sauce was of these successful founders and CEOs who have built these incredible businesses with the purpose to hopefully inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

What became apparent to me though when recording the podcast, the more i realised the lessons drawn from their experiences were far more reaching than just the business community — they were lessons in belief, resilience and the power of great teams. 

I hope you enjoy listening to some of Australia’s and the world’s best and brightest give an insight into their success.

Take a listen to the most recent episode below, and see the full series here or wherever you listen to your podcasts.