Thank you from Prof Pat McGorry, Orygen

Professor Pat McGorry, Executive Director of Orygen has a message of thanks to Cooper Investors and HM1 shareholders for the support we provide them and their research into the mental health of young people.

Our funding has helped Orygen put youth mental health on the global agenda and progress their work in developing a global mental health framework, through a partnership with the World Economic Forum.

The Orygen/World Economic Forum youth mental health project has involved widespread consultation with clinical academics, service providers, policy makers and young people from over 20 different countries in different resource and cultural settings. The project has produced a global framework for youth mental health care, an investment framework and an advocacy toolkit.

The type of funding from Hearts and Minds is rare and gives Orygen the flexibility it needs to trial new and exciting projects.

Have a listen below (watch time: 1:36 minutes).


Core Manager, Cooper Investors has nominated Orygen as a HM1 beneficiary.