The Rules of Investing Podcast: The biggest opportunity since the internet

The internet changed the lives of every person reading this article (and everyone who isn't for that matter) and the fortunes of almost every business in the world. Today, all the largest companies in the world are internet businesses. The biggest media company is Facebook (or shall we call it Meta?), the biggest advertising company is Google, and the biggest retailer is Amazon. 25 years ago, these companies either didn’t exist, or were mostly unknown.

It might seem like the internet was a once-in-a-lifetime paradigm shift. And while it was indeed a true paradigm shift, it may not be once-in-a-lifetime.

According to Nick Griffin, Chief Investment Officer at Munro Partners, there’s another paradigm shift staring us all in the face: decarbonisation. And just like the internet changed our lives and our businesses, so will decarbonisation.

In this episode of The Rules of Investing podcast, he expands on the opportunity and shares one stock that he believes is materially mispriced. We also learn how to avoid selling your growth stocks too early, and why he sold all the firm's positions in Chinese equities.


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