Update from the CIO

The blog is back!

Today we lodged a post current tax NTA of $3.36 and the share price is sitting at $3.50. This NTA number is slightly different to last years NTA, insofar as we are now including a provision for unrealised tax on the conference portfolio, which will be realised by November 2020. We do this so that we don't report a sudden drop in the NTA when all of the gains are realised.

Hopefully by now you have seen our monthly report for January, where we showed an investment gain of 5.6% for the month. In the report you will see a profile of Tesla and the views of ARK Funds founder and CIO Cathie Wood. A controversial pick, but one that has been extremely successful, with the stock having rallied from $350 in November to around $800 now. 

Other notable performers in the conference portfolio have been GDS Holdings (GDS.US); The Trade Desk (TTD.US);  and Mineral Resources (MIN.AX).

The core portfolio is also performing nicely, and our new Core Manager (TDM Growth Partners) have given us their 3 highest conviction stock ideas which have been added to the portfolio. 

The fund now holds 30 stocks, with roughly 30% in locally listed companies and 70% in offshore names (predominantly in the US).

We have also created a Hearts and Minds LinkedIn page where we will actively share our monthly updates, weekly blog and other relevant content. Be sure to give the page a follow to stay up-to-date.