<p>Maggie joined Hearts and Minds Investments (HM1) as Head of Marketing and Operations as the fund was listed on the ASX. She now manages the fund's operations and directs the fund&rsquo;s marketing strategy, working closely with the Board, Investment Committee, management team and beneficiaries. Maggie is also part of the core team that delivers the annual Sohn Hearts &amp; Minds Investment Leaders Conference.</p> <p>An alumni of the UBS cadetship program, whilst studying she spent five years full time at UBS in various roles across Asset Management, Corporate Actions, Wealth Management, Corporate Communications, Events and Marketing.</p> <p>She graduated from Macquarie University with a combined degree in Business Leadership and Commerce with majors in International Business and Human Resource Management. In this time, she completed two international exchanges, in Sweden and in China.&nbsp;</p> 20 Maggie O'Neill Marketing and Operations 3 Maggie O'Neill BW.jpg https://www.heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au:443/site/irmbiographyfile/20/MaggieONeillBW.jpg https://www.heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au:443/site/irmbiographyfile/20/thumbnail/MaggieONeillBW.jpg ShowBiographyDetailsXml https://www.heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au:443/site/showbiographylistxml.aspx?CategoryID=540&MasterPage=3&Page=1