<p>Nick is a founding Partner and the Chief Investment Officer of Munro Partners.</p> <p>&zwj;</p> <p>Nick is responsible for the investment management of Munro&rsquo;s key investment funds and the formulation and implementation of the proprietary investment process.</p> <p>&zwj;</p> <p>Nick has been managing global long / short equity mandates for over 12 years.</p> <p>&zwj;</p> <p>Key career highlights include:</p> <ul role="list"> <li>Over 20 years working in financial services with 13 years funds management experience.</li> <li>2005-2015, Head of International Strategy on the K2 Select International Absolute Return Fund.</li> <li>Member of the K2 Asset Management asset allocation and currency exposure committee.</li> <li>2000-2005, Senior Analyst (Global Oil and Gas) at Deutsche Bank UK.</li> <li>1996-1999, Manager Australian Equities for Commonwealth Financial Services.</li> </ul> <p>&zwj;</p> <p>Nick holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree from the University of Melbourne, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance.</p> <p>&zwj;</p> 42 Nick Griffin Munro Partners 100 NICK GRIFFIN_MUNRO_WEB.jpg https://www.heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au:443/site/irmbiographyfile/42/NICKGRIFFIN_MUNRO_WEB.jpg https://www.heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au:443/site/irmbiographyfile/42/thumbnail/NICKGRIFFIN_MUNRO_WEB.jpg ShowBiographyDetailsXml https://www.heartsandmindsinvestments.com.au:443/site/showbiographylistxml.aspx?CategoryID=563&MasterPage=3&Page=1