Our story

Hearts and Minds Investments Limited was born out of the investment and philanthropic vision of the Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference with the dual goal of providing investors with great investment opportunities while giving financial support to medical research institutes across Australia.  

The Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference is one of Australia’s premier investor events and is proudly the official Australian affiliate of the Sohn Conference Foundation. Each year, top-performing local and global fund managers have 8 minutes to pitch their best investment idea in a TEDx-style format. Since 2016, the conference has raised over $10m for Australian medical research. 

In previous years, the majority of the conference recommendations have generated strong positive investment returns, sparking significant investor demand for an accessible way to gain exposure to the stocks pitched at the conference. Hearts and Minds Investments Limited (HM1) formed to meet this demand.

HM1 is a unique listed investment company striving to deliver attractive equity investment returns for shareholders, while providing funding for Australian medical research. HM1 listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on November 14, 2018. The fund was oversubscribed in just three days, raising $500 million across 5,500 shareholders.

Hearts and Minds’ esteemed collective of top-performing core fund managers generously share their highest conviction stock recommendations to the Company. Many of these funds are not accessible to retail investors, providing HM1 shareholders with an opportunity to benefit from those managers' highest conviction investment ideas. The unique blend of manager investment philosophies and styles aims to minimise the portfolio’s investment bias, and despite the relatively small number of securities (25-35), the portfolio has diversified exposure across multiple regions and sectors.

Our charitable goal is made possible by waiving typical investment fees and instead, making a sizeable donation to our suite of medical research beneficiaries. The donation amount is a 1.5% of our Net Tangible Asset value (NTA) per annum, which we publish to the market every week. HM1 has created a growing and sustainable funding model for our beneficiaries. To date, HM1 has donated $9.3 million, making us one of Australia's top 50 corporate philanthropists (source). This would not be possible without the generous pro-bono commitment from our fund managers, key service providers and Board.