Hearts and Minds Investments Limited (HM1) is a unique listed investment company that was established in November 2018 with the combined objective of providing a concentrated equities portfolio of the highest conviction ideas from leading fund managers, whilst also supporting Australian medical research institutes.

Built upon a philanthropic vision 

Hearts and Minds was established to expand on the philanthropic vision of the Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference, Australia’s premier investor event. Established in 2016, the annual one-day conference brings together leading international and local fund managers who present their exclusive investment ideas in a fast-paced TED-style format, alongside influential international keynotes who present macro insights and thought leadership. The Conference is proudly the official Australian affiliate of the Sohn Conference Foundation.

Sohn-Conference-2022 Sohn Hearts & Minds Investment Leaders Conference 2022 - Tasmania, Australia 

The HM1 portfolio

The HM1 portfolio is a mix of the ideas pitched at the annual Sohn Hearts & Minds Conference, as well as the recommendations from our seven core fund managers. This collective of fund managers generously share their highest conviction stock picks to Hearts and Minds on a pro-bono basis. Many of these fund managers are not accessible to retail investors, providing HM1 shareholders with an opportunity to benefit from their highest conviction investment ideas through a single trade on the ASX. Learn more about our investment approach here.

Our charitable goal is made possible by waiving typical investment fees and instead, making a sizeable donation to our suite of medical research beneficiaries. The donation amount is equal to 1.5% of our Net Tangible Asset value (NTA) per annum (which is published to the ASX each week). HM1 has created a growing and sustainable funding model for our beneficiaries. To date, HM1 has donated $48.9 million, making us one of Australia's Top 30 Corporate Philanthropists (source). This would not be possible without the generous and ongoing pro-bono commitment from our fund managersBoard and many of our service providers.

Watch our initial listing video to learn more about the establishment of HM1 (filmed 2018):

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