Q&A with Jun Bei Liu, Tribeca

Jun Bei Liu's positivity and warmth are truly infectious, her story at once impressive and inspiring. In fact, I'm so enthralled by her willingness to open up about her humble beginnings, and her strength in achieving all that she has, against all odds, that I forget to record our interview.

That major journalistic blunder aside - Liu luckily agreed to a second interview, during which she shared some of the moments that have shaped the investor she is today. 

From her modest beginnings in China, to Sydney's tranquil Northern Beaches, to becoming a household name in investment management, there truly seems to be nothing that can stop Tribeca's Alpha Plus portfolio manager.

When faced with the sudden departure of the fund's senior portfolio manager, Liu rose to the occasion. Indeed, since she took over Tribeca's long/short portfolio, its funds under management has tripled in size. But Liu says she is just at the beginning of the journey. 

And while naysayers predict the end of a great bull market, Liu argues a further 8-10% rise could be on the cards. She's positive that local inflationary pressures will be transient and is approaching any volatility as a buying opportunity.

And just because I know Livewire's readers love a stock pick, I asked her to share three stocks that she believes will outperform over the coming months - one of which she reveals as her largest position.


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