The duopoly player in Australia's most attractive domain

Understanding a company's economic moat is a core part of investing. While pure monopolies are hard to come by, there is a compelling duopoly in one of Australia's favourite sectors: Property. 

The smaller of these two players, Domain Holdings (ASX: DHG), has released a favourable result with key earnings figures sitting above consensus. In doing so, it reaffirmed its potential of seizing further market share from premier player REA Group (ASX: REA).

The key investment thesis is that it is a high-quality, high-growth business that operates in probably the most attractive industry sector in Australia - housing. Its capital-light business model means it offers a high return on shareholder equity and invested capital. 

In this wire, Jun Bei uses a question-and-answer format to explore the key learnings from Domain's August report, what investors need to pay attention to and assess the outlook for this user favourite. 


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