"There isn't an Aussie fund manager who's not buying this stock right now"

Philip King of Regal Funds Management (Core Fund Manager) and Tim Carleton of Auscap Asset Management (Conference Fund Manager) recently joined Livewire’s "Opportunities beyond "houses and holes" on the ASX" session to discuss the pockets of opportunity in an otherwise challenged market.

Where are they seeing those opportunities? Not in China, at least in the short term. You can forget about defensives too.

Resources are a different story, with current prices for iron ore a good bellwether for the sector writ large.

But as the namesake of the session implied, it's not all about the holes. While Australia's economy is dominated by property and mining, there are plenty of opportunities across a wide swathe of sectors, from retail to tech and healthcare.

You can read the full article on Livewire here.

Picture: Tim Carleton (L) Philip King (R)

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